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Quite Enjoyable

I really liked this games concept. The plot was solid, the art-work was great, and the music added a good touch. The only thing that prevents me from giving this 10/10 stars is, that even though i enjoyed the music, it can get a bit repetive over time, and the controls could be a little more responsive. But, other than that, great game.
One more thing, I find it really upsetting that people give this game a low rating based on the mentality of "how can this game keep my low IQ brain entertained for the next 2 minutes" instead of really apreciating the time and efforts the author has put into this piece of art.

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I got to over 1,200,000ft by using like 20 nukes:P

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I've noticed that you have left some fantastic reviews on my music and I would like to do the same.
I'm loving your style, and i'm very pleased to see that you too use FL Studio :D
I really do enjoy the melody to this song, it's catchy. Just add a bass progression to carry the lead melody and you'll be golden (:

Keep up the good work!

Exilious responds:

I'm touched! You're too kind! I appreciate what you said, but could you clue me in a little more as to what "Bass Progression" is.


Still a beginner. Or I'll just search it up. What ever you prefer.

But yeah, thanks again for taking your time to write that review. The kind words really help me progress. Every step of the way I get better! :D

Thanks SteNcils!~

This is a pretty great remix, but be careful. Your account can be terminated for using vocals you do not own. Newgrounds is really anal about things like this. I really enjoy remixing songs as well but I upload them to Soundcloud and Youtube due to the risk. Just some friendly advice

Again, Great remix :D

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PrEmoEffect responds:

I've done this before without problem, but maybe this is a new thing I am unaware of? Anyway, I'm thrilled you like the remix, and just hope people realize I didn't "steal" this. (I don't know why people should listen to a guy who has done 1 review and has been on the site for pretty much a day)


popcorn and guitar harmonics right?
lol good song but try tweaking the stock presets every now and then :)

ZachPayne responds:

Haha yea :p I've learned a lot more since this song

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This is limbo with brighter contrast.....not as scary, thank you lol:)

Chickenlump responds:

Oh-ho-ho, but it is scary! You just need to think.

Seriously Guys???

Ok, so i'll be the first to admit that i dont like justin bieber(at all).......but if your gonna zero bomb or give this piece of art a low score just because u too dont like him either, then dont even take the time to vote.....reviews are meant for giving praise or constructive criticism to the artist, not for just straight out being a "hater".....SO, if your still gonna troll around, take that shit to youtube, because the Newgrounds community is better than that

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